"The sustainable success of our customers is our professional requirement - in each project!"

(Steffen Hermanni, Owner of Gordi Consult)

  • Our customers are medium to large companies, which often act internationally
  • Sector focus is:
    • Health care, including pharmaceutical manufacturers
    • Engineering and plant construction
  • Often, or customers face complex challenges with their strategies, business processes, IT solutions and data

To illustrate the complexity in our projects we show an extract of our project experiences:


Global implementation of group-wide business processes, based on SAP R/3


Sector: engineering

Scope: World-wide rollout of standardized business processes, mandatory SAP-, subsystems- and organizational solutions and harmonized data


Complexity driver: Number of users: 10.000+, number of project staff: 2.000+, project duration: 5 years+, significant distance from SAP-standard, heterogeneous business requirements combined with the demand to be customized and programmed in a monolithic system

Role: Coaching and support of diverse project leaders and part-program managers, change management, conceptual support for the application of business processes, support in the development of project management methods, support in the establishment of documentation systems, managing quality reviews and lessons learned

Duration of engagement: app. 26 months

Number of projects with similar complexity: 5



Introduction of the health care card


  • Sector: Health care
  • Scope: Introduction, maintenance and further development of the electronic health care card and the related infrastructure as a basis for telematics applications in health care
  • Complexity driver: Project volume: 5+ bn ÔéČ, project duration: 5+ years, technological new area of the applications and their interfaces, political decision processes with competing objectives, request for proposals according to EU norms, many participating companies and freelancers
  • Role: Establishment of risk management, new set-up of the project management, change management, introduction of new planning and reporting processes
  • Duration of the engagement: app. 4 monts

CRM strategy development, business case development, software selection and implementation of Siebel version 7.7

  • Sector: Pharmaceutical industry
  • Scope: Sales Force Automation, call center, marketing, data cleansing, migration, interfaces with SAP R/3 and Cognos
  • Complexity driver: significant requirements for change readiness regarding the service culture in the sales organization, challenging and heterogeneous business requirements, much higher than the system standard
  • Role: Project management and change management
  • Duration of the engagement: app. 17 months
  • Number of projects with similar complexity: 2 (+5 which have been limited to strategy and business process improvements)

Business process and quality improvements in all business functions


  • Sector: Plant construction
  • Scope: Corporate transformation, Time-Based Management/Total-Quality-Management, Business-Process-Re-engineering, identification of improvement potentials, project definitions, project realizations
  • Complexity driver: lack of readiness for standardization of business processes and methods, high requirements for delivery reliability, combined with high uncertainty of details of the technical solutions and intense involvement of suppliers in the development process
  • Role: Project management, method adaptation, change management, business-process-re-engineering, managing implementation projects
  • Duration of the engagement: app. 12 months
  • Number of projects with similar complexity: 6